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Feeling Sick

Please refrain from entering the T3 office if you are sick or around someone who is ill.  Anyone arriving that is sneezing, coughing or has symptoms of being sick will be asked to reschedule.


As of September 1, 2023

T3 will no longer accept new clients unless you are referred by an Existing Client, Affiliate or previously given a Gift Certificate


     Welcome to Total Therapeutic Touch (T3) for your next massage therapy appointment.  At T3, you will not be asked or required to enroll in a plan or sign a lengthy contract.  The focus at T3 is to help you decrease pain & tension, increase relaxation due to stress/anxiety or post-surgical, and increase range of motion.  Whether you request a specific area of concentration or whole body, the belief at T3 is to utilize a combination of modalities/techniques.  The licensed massage therapist may apply Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neural Muscular Movement, Lymphatic Drainage, Trigger Point, Sports, Stretching, etc. in any combination to help achieve the end goal.   



T3 Location

15425 S. 40th Pl; Ste 5

Near 40th & Chandler Blvd Behind Chase Bank - Single story brick bldg



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